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Will We be Vlogging our Journey

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

Often people tell me vlogging is the new way and blogs just don't do as well. So do we plan on becoming a vlog . I have put a lot of thought into this and I do have a channel setup.

So the answer is Yes . Eventually we will be doing some vlogging.

I actually have tons of video of Shay . The only people that have seen them are her doctors and the state representatives that I was in contact with to get aba services covered in the state of Oklahoma.

As much as I would love to vlog about autism there is a lot about autism that isn't really being shared on autism channels. I see more of parents talking about aspects of autism but the child isn't always included in the video.

I also consider just how much of private moments , like meltdowns should be shared so publicly . If I did video now I would be editing out more then I can use.

I'm trying to figure a way to share her moments of achievements with out causing her embarrassment later. I want her to enjoy the moments of it also . Not to be videoing her at her worse times and it be a negative experience .

This is something I have been brainstorming on for a very long time. I had all the equipment ordered and setup when the Myka Stauffer thing happened. I was furious because she wanted to have her youtube fame more then she wanted to care for the child she had adopted that had autism. His need interfered with her wants of sharing this perfect family.

Ultimately my main goal is on Shay.

I have been working on learning how to use some editing software. Capturing some video and putting together some video for us to do some different topics and such. I also am considering just how to keep the videos sorted per niche because I am a Mom blogger who coupons.

Most likely my coupon channel will launch before our autism journey .

You can subscribe to our channel here.

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