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Why I took a year away.......

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

Hey everyone,

I have some major updating to do. I just wanted to do a post about the break I took away from the blog and what was happening . It has been interesting time out . We had a pandemic hit the world and it actually isn't why I took my break. None of us in my house has had covid so we have been lucky there. We needed something to go right .

I want to thank all the people who reached out and checked on us and kept up with us on social media.

So what was happening, at the beginning of Shay's journey I really thought I could start a blog do all the things I love and share about her and them and be a mom . I mean how hard can that be?

Let me tell you it has been tremendously hard. From the start and it's not her autism so much that has been the hard part. It was the flaws I was finding in the services along the way. These flaws was making me rethink the path of my blog.

I was finding it harder to receive services in a smaller town like I live in .

So I thought a lot about how I could try and fix that for myself and others .

Shay lost her medical coverage with private insurance the day she was evaluated at an Autism center and I was quickly informed state insurance wouldn't cover her to go. So I immediately was sending emails to state reps in my state containing videos of Shay and as much info as I could to support aba to get it covered under state insurance. Just by the grace of God a women also was fighting for it at the same time my understanding from the case that was filed her child was born in Oklahoma they had moved to Texas her daughter had received aba services while being a Texas resident . The mom had gotten a divorce and decided to move back to Oklahoma and had enough evidence to prove her daughter was regressing from not receiving aba anymore.

Fighting for aba was a very stressful time. It wasn't the first time to come across the ballots.

By this time I was getting a little beyond upset to say the least. I really felt like every time we had a ray of light to go by all of a sudden a mountain was in the way !

So I was like this should be fixed. It's hard enough navigating autism in the beginning why is all this support and resources so hard to find.

Then covid hit therapies and schools shutdown.

Shay got to have a little bit of a break from therapy . For the first time since she was 10 months old. It was amazing for her and we seen a huge increase in her trying to become verbal.

Shay's name came up on a waiting list at a center in Tulsa and we took the opportunity . All her therapies was transferred. For this to happen I was driving an hour to get her to therapy an hour back home and then repeat in the afternoon. I drive a total of 4 hours a day for Shay to go to the center.

Of course somewhere in all this chaos we started medicating with cannabis so I also felt pulled towards that . I really feel enough autism moms are promoting that so I will leave that on them.

Our biggest dilemma is thinking of relocating again for Shay to receive adequate therapy.

We downsized our home once all ready for affordability of her therapy. This just shouldn't be issues. We have to many nonprofits pulling in money for autism to not have enough resources in smaller communities and families shouldn't have to be giving up homes and assets to get therapy for their child with autism .

So really all in all I took a break to recollected my thoughts and not making crazy blog post because I felt postal sometimes. lol

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