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What Shay Accomplished in 2020 Plus Our Goals For 2021

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

With the pandemic hitting us in 2020 I really stressed on how it would effect our goals.

So very much was changing very quickly . School closed so she didn't get to finish the year out in the development program provided by the school district. We had moved our therapies to an autism center that took much needed precautions to stay open and running so she was able to stay in her stand alone therapies of speech and occupational . Her name came up on aba so she started that .

Accomplishments of the year and we are so excited for them all. We are seeing tons of growth.

She learned to give high five and she is clapping more when she does something. She also claps along with songs like if your happy and you know it.

She is doing amazing with eye contact.

She can find her cup or go get some items per request.

She can point to her eyes and others eyes. ( she really has eyes down)

She is doing imitation of some sounds and she can click her tongue.

She will look at books now.

And so much more....


Our goals for this year 2021

We are going to be doing a main focus of pretend play. I'm really pushing the autism center to focus on this. So much pretend play has social and speech development and she has been doing amazing with it. We pretend play baby a lot . I'm hoping by the year end we can do tea parties.

Feeding self with fork/spoon

climbing in and out of car.

Pointing to things in books/ pointing with more accuracy for tablet use

watch a full length children's movie

Going potty with help.

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