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Swagbucks Launches Receipt Rebates. In-Store Promotions

I'm super stoked about this because I love swagbucks. I've been a couponer for years over a decade. Yes I'm old. I never really clicked with using rebate apps. I have them and cash in on them some but not to the full potential that I could. A lot of it has always been about my time management because I do spend a portion of my time invested into swagging. I pull in a good amount monthly if I'm really investing my time into it. So this added feature is amazing for me.

In store promotion how does it work

Log in to your swagbucks account under the shop section you will now see a in store promotion option . Click that and add offers. Shop and upload receipts. The offers are paid back to you in the form of swagbucks for stuff your buying anyways. I just added diapers.

If your not familiar with swagbucks . It's a site that host many offers from shopping,searches,and surveys that pays you in virtual money called swagbucks . It basically pays you to do the things on the internet you already do. When you acquire a certain amount of swagbucks in you account you cash out for gift cards or paypal deposit. I'll be honest with you some months I make more then others . Depending on my time. I use my earning to help with Christmas holiday expense and it really payoff for that goal.

If you don't have an account yet use my referral link below and start earning !

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