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Shay's Journey

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Shay was diagnosed with autism spectrum at 22 months old. This is a continues post of her every day
Shay's Journey

April 2021

Autism awareness month

Shay received her diagnosis on April 11th 2018 she was 22 months old.

So this April which is also autism awareness month marked 3 years .

Shay had revaluations done for all her therapies this is done yearly . It gives insurance updates to continue services and set up new goals . You answer these questionnaires on things they can do and such. It's kind of a strange thing because they start the questions at the child age and you answer them until you have gotten a certain number of yes they can do this.

So for occupational she came back at 2 years of age in development .

Speech she came back around the 12 month area.

I really thought she would of scored around 3 for occupational.

March 2021

Spring is in the air.

We are doing a sensory room for Shay to do in home therapy

I am so excited .

I feel like doing in home will be way more beneficial for her.

It's a small budget friendly project .

We are seeing spring it seems and holding off a few more weeks to start our flower garden. Shay loves flowers and I think she will really love our little outside space with lots of flowers.

She is feeling way better from her little respiratory flare up.

February 2021

Following the ice storm we got 8 inches of snow . Shay got to stay home another week. It's been amazing and I'm really struggling with taking her back to therapy . She has been so happy at home . We started back to our old routine were she is able to nap through the day . Our main goal is to setup a therapy room at home and bring aba in the home .

Over the next few months that is the main home project.


It has been some crazy weather. Shay has been out all week because risking the road conditions in the distance we drive just isn't worth it. We have had so much fun playing with baby . She really loves for us to feed baby and she gets super excited. She just recently started eating vegetables so far broccoli ,carrot ,and green beans . It's a huge relief to get some superfoods in her. She also is still on the superfood drink mix. For the first time she was able to take an object to her dad for me.

Peppa Pig is a new favorite and I'm not even going to lie It's a huge relief . I was starting to hear a multitude of nursery rhymes in my sleep. Ha ha

January 2021

It's 2021 and we had a whirlwind of a year last year. The pandemic is crazy who would of thought .

Shay started aba therapy after fighting for a year. She is still completely non-verbal . Every now and then she picks up a word for a bit. No matter how much we encourage it they fade away eventually.

She was reevaluated to do aba and intellectual disability was added as one of her diagnosis.

We are still doing all therapies at the autism center she attends.







She is still amazing little girl who loves watching nursery rhyme videos and being hugged with lots of cuddles. She is 4 years old soon to be 5 in the summer. Development age would be of a 2 year old toddler.

She loves baby dolls and real babies. When anyone with a baby visits she becomes extremely upset when they take their baby home with them.


Posts of 2020

I took a year away read about here

It's a new year. Shay has been doing so well in school. She also has come a long way with therapy and is saying a few words. Not consistent but we have heard some. One being banana and no. It's so cute when she says no because she says no no like I do to her. Her schedule has become very busy and we are trying to figure out where to fit in aba therapy. We are still waiting on approval for it being a new coverage by state . She is getting so big and looking like a little girl instead of a baby. She also learned to play peek a boo. So that's been fun. Except she gets mad if you say just peek a boo. She likes if you say where is Shay. She did transition pretty well into me working part time . Which is why we have had a decline in posts and such here on the blog. I want to extend a huge thank you for the support we have gotten .


Posts of 2019

Shay started school in a 3 year old development program. I was so super excited and nervous about it. It just hasn't been a great start for her. She has had a hard time with it and has started biting her arm in frustration. It's just been a big ordeal. Drop off has been chaotic from day 1. I'm going to give it a fair try but I'm just not sure it's going to be a right fit for us. So I am looking into other options for her. My biggest concerns is we are getting so close to words with her saying mommy more and more everyday. I don't want to have a regression happen now or a shutdown.


She ate spaghetti. This is huge for us. Spaghetti is something we have a lot. It being affordable and feeding so many. It has never been something she would eat. It reminds her of hair. She has a huge sensory issue with hair. I was so excited about it I was sending pictures to everyone. Lol. They totally don't get what accomplishment it is. We are on the count down to start the 3 year old development program next week. I'm terrified. I know in my heart it's whats best for her but I still worry about it. She has been saying mommy a lot. We are still trying decide is she saying it are is it part of her babbling she does. We really can't tell.


Shay sporting her pride shirt in honor of pride month.

Shay is three years old when I started this blog. She is completely non verbal. Meaning she doesn't say any words. None. She babbles and makes noises. Sometimes it sounds like she is singing a song. Sometimes it sounds like she says mom. I don't know if she is or I just hope she is.

At her last appointment with the development pediatrician it was decided to send Shay to a specialist to determine if she has speech apraxia. We added feeding therapy finally. I've been requesting it since she was eighteen months old.

Currently Shay gets 2 hours of speech a week and 1 hour of occupational therapy a week. One of my hours of speech I negotiated into her IEP for the developmental 3 year old program she will start in the fall. So the public school system is paying for it. In case your wondering why I'm getting an hour more then most cases.

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