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What is Autism ?

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

Understanding Autism Series Part Two.

I have two children diagnosed on the spectrum. They received their diagnosis in different ways. My son was evaluated by a child psychologist over the course of a few months . I filled out some questionnaires on behaviors for him and his teacher did also. His diagnosis on his evaluation papers is Ndd-Pos verbally his diagnosis is Asperger's.

Shay was diagnosed by a developmental pediatrician. She observed her for 30 minutes listened to some of the behaviors I explained and she was diagnosed. Her autism is classic.

The two things the process had in common was they both received a diagnosis of autism and neither time was I told what it meant. Yes I was asked if I had any questions but I'm certain I probably was in shock and the question didn't happen. Looking back now I wonder how many people are told their child has autism and not really informed on what that means in the proper manner. Most of my knowledge of autism has come from research I have done on my own. So here is the big question

What is Autism?

Autism is a neurological and development disorder that effects social,communication and behavior. It begins in early childhood and lasts a lifetime. It affects how they communicate,learn,and act. There is no cure for autism it is managed with therapies.

The function of the neurological system is the control of the nervous system.

The nervous system consists of the brain, spinal cord, sensory organs. and all of the nerves that connect these organs to the rest of the body. Including the muscle structure.

The Spectrum

Autism Scale

When I hear spectrum I always think of a rainbow. The other form of spectrum is to classify the area on a scale between two extreme or opposite points. With the rise of autism being diagnosed in record numbers It was grouped together under the diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder. It's being more widely described in an area of range like a scale. Some doctors do this in a level description between 1-3. Some do it in a mild,moderate,or severe.

Some doctors don't do either which leads us to the puzzle piece.

The Puzzle Piece

What it means to me....

The puzzle piece represents many parts of autism. It represents all of the what,why's and how's associated with this disorder. Not just for the parents of a child diagnosed . Or someone diagnosed . It's for the doctors and therapist who are handling the care of them. It's for the researchers who are trying to figure it out. It's for the teachers . It's for everyone because autism is being diagnosed in record numbers . 1 in 59.

It represents what - What exactly causes autism. Research is being done for many years it is believed to be caused by genetics and environmental factors.

It represents why - Why exactly does it present itself in the spectrum range. What decides it's mild to severe form.

It represents how- How is this happening in record numbers.

I'm not including any thoughts of the weeping child from the original logo. I wasn't even aware of it until recently and I really don't understand it being part of the representation. I'm okay with the puzzle piece because of the complexity involved with autism. I believe that it will help to bring understanding.

Thank you for reading . You can read part one of this series

The First Thing to Do When Your Child is Diagnosed With Autism.

Remember you are never alone in your journey.

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