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Garnier Skinactive Glow Boost Review.

Updated: Sep 7, 2019

So as a couponer I get to try out lots of beauty products. With my coupon and store promotion sometimes is the deciding factor on the product I grab. I try the product some I hate and some I love. So I decided to include reviews of my honest opinion. Sometimes it's hard to decide what to buy. New products coming out. Our favorites being discontinued . The huge assortment of brands and products by each can make it hard to decide. Nothing is more disappointing then buying one and it not meeting your expectations.


This product is very thick and grainy almost like wet sand. That is exactly how it spreads on the skin like wet sand so I really didn't like that right off. It just doesn't spread well and adding water didn't help much.


It has a strong perfume smell. Not really a light scent you would connect to being apricot or natural.


I used this both ways as a scrub and mask. After rinsing it leaves a glycerin feeling not a clean face feeling. I don't think I have ever used a face cleansing product that left that feeling on my face. So overall this wasn't a keeper for me .

If you have tried this leave a comment below about your thoughts . Did you love or hate?

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