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Easily Save Money on Meat And Keep The Grill Fired Up All Summer Long

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

It's that time of the year when you are going to get the best prices on meat. This happens every summer . It isn't real clear yet just how much the pandemic is going to impact food prices . Be prepared for it to impact it hugely . With gas prices skyrocketing and talk of a shortage this will cause prices of food to go up drastically .

The best part is saving money on meat is so easy and effortless . We will look at saving at supermarkets and local meat markets .

Secret 1 Buy Sale Items

This is so important , check store ads for the best prices for the week.

Grocery stores sales run Wednesday to Wednesday . If you don't receive ads in your mail box or paper the store has them when you go in. Buying promotional is always going to be the best buy.

Secret 2 Get The Store Rewards Card

Signing up for store cards gets you extra savings and hidden promotions. Some deals are reserved to the ones that have the store reward cards. Emails are sent out that have deals that aren't in the ad and only the ones using rewards cards get the savings .

Secret 3 Get More for Your Money

Meat price per pound goes down the more you buy. It's true.

This is one of the most over looked secrets of buying meat . Most people will think they don't need all that and will go for a smaller package to accommodate their need. Grab the larger amount and freeze in portions that suit you need. Savings add up over time . You also save time by not having to shop as often.

Secret 4 Cut Your Own Meat

This one isn't for everyone but can save you big. Buying whole and cutting you own portions can save you hugely but let me tell you another secret to go along with this , most stores do free meat cutting . Not all so you want to inquire but more do then don't . So if you grab a whole loin you can have the meat department cut it while you do other shopping . You will still get the the price point of the whole. Surprising its a lot easier to cut then you think you can read my post here

Secret 5 The Secret to Saving at Local Meat Market

Buying local is great . It supports local business for your area. The best way to save at a local meat market is to buy the bundles . If you don't buy the bundles you may be paying more then your supermarket price.

Another way is if they offer to buy a half or whole cow/pig . To save on this get another family to go in on it together.

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