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Musings From Mom

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

My Musing

Ramblings from a mom


Reading Blogs

I do read blogs . I love reading them. What I hate is when a blog is dragged down by ads I can't even read the blog posts. This completely drives me nuts. I understand they want to pull in an income but I just want to read the post and your blog site has a huge slow response from all the ads.


Gearing up for school.

So we are gearing up for school to start in about a month. So much to do. Tons of shopping . I feel like the summer passed so quickly and was very uneventful this year. It's rumored in my state that state insurance is covering aba therapy for autism. I immediately had started emailing our state representatives about this when Shay received her diagnosis last year. So I've been looking over her planner deciding how to plan this in with her other therapies. For her to do aba it's going to be a 40 minute commute. I can make this happen.


Happy 4th or is it?

Holidays give you to time with friends and family. A joyous occasion to celebrate.

Instead of doing this I'm letting my thoughts ruin the occasion. I'm beating myself up for letting more time pass and still smoking. Today actually marks 13 years since my last blood clot. I worry about the time I will be here for Shay since I had her at 38. I'm worrying about her reaction to going to watch the fireworks later. Will she like it or hate it. She has never reacted like she didn't like it before but I'm still unsure. My son's birthday is tomorrow.

So I have a cupcake planned. Possible a new recipe for the blog.


My Social Media Crisis

I am completely new to Instagram.I just never felt the need to use another social media until I started my blog. So I'm learning that. Yes it seems complicated to me.

Then I had sat up a pinterest for the blog . I've used pinterest for years.Since it started and never seen anything inappropriate on it. That's what I loved about it. Wow I thought this pinterest really has it together on inappropriate content. Ha nope. I had a ton of porn shots show in my feed.


We saw the Development Peds

Oh boy it has been a rough week. I'm having my morning coffee while sharing my week.

After spending hundreds of dollars on my little rescue cat she still died. So that was rough for my daughter, Alyssa who spent her money from working. She loved that cat so much. I told her for now she needs to focus on the cat she has. Let's hope she doesn't pop up with another stray. Shay had well child check up and development pediatrician 6 month both this week. The development peds has added feeding therapy and is sending her to a specialist to be evaluated for speech apraxia. I did get coupons I sorted. Yah me.


Sick Kitty

The baby kitty is sick and she peed on my laptop. It won't turn on now. I immediately went into panic mode. Doing my blog without it is going to a challenge. My desktop is a dinosaur. Luckily I had my files on a hard drive. I remembered how devastated I was when I lost all my sims stuff to computer problems. My pictures are looking pretty bad on this and I'm not sure why. They looked good from my laptop and phone.

Good news is I'm hearing Shay say Mom and maybe No. I'm hoping this is a start to being verbal.

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