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Cut Your Own Meat to Save Money. (Frugal Tip)

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

Cutting your own meat is a huge money saver. I spent a little over twenty dollars for these two whole pork loins and made up nine packages of meat for dinner for a family of five.

The price per pound was 1.35. It is 15 pounds of meat.

Don't let cutting your own meat intimidate you. It's so easy and so worth it.

All you need is:

Good size cutting board

Sharp Knife

Plastic Bags

Cookie Tray

13x9 Pan

Seasoning or Sauces (optional)

A great tip throw it in the freezer a bit. Just until it's beginning to freeze. It makes it a lot easier to cut.

I cut mine into.

4-5 count chops

1-5 count butterfly chops

1-Bean season


I seasoned my chops with some BBQ seasoning I grabbed at the store. The marinades on the roast are some sauces I had on hand in my fridge door.

2 Teriyaki

1 Honey mustard sauce from buffalo wild wings

1 Mild wing sauce.

Seasoning is optional. I had meals planned out already for them.

This can also be done with beef .

Some links to meat cutting on some great sites included below. Happy money saving.

Brisket by The Homestead Survival

Pork Loin By Uncle Jerry's Kitchen

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