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Always Include a Spa Day in Your Planner.

Updated: Sep 7, 2019


I have always wanted to go to a spa, but the frugal side of me really cannot accept the idea of spending so much on something that I can do at home. My days get so jammed packed with therapies and such for my asd kido. I have to keep a planner for cleaning, meals, shopping, and appointments literally everything. I keep Friday open for my "Spa Day ". I spend this day completely pampering myself. I do this at home, of course with the endless beauty supplies I get couponing. I do the full body package hair, face, nails, feet, and body. Why do I do it you ask? To keep my sanity. It really helps take the stress away of the week and gear me up for the weekend. Also, it helps you feel beautiful which is also very energizing for the mind. I usually tend to include my toddler in on this also. I really like to glam it out with spa style waters and salad lunch. I highly recommend all Mommies add this into their routine.

Spa Day Necessities.


  1. Body scrub

  2. Bath bomb

  3. Razors

  4. Lotions


  1. Hair Treatment

  2. Hair Scissors

  3. Hair Dye

  4. Plastic Cap

  5. Hair Clips


  1. Pedi file

  2. Foot Spa

  3. Epsom salt

  4. Apple Vinegar

  5. Toe nail clippers

  6. Lotions


  1. Face wash

  2. Face mask/Peel

  3. Face Serums

  4. Witch Hazel

  5. Tweezers


  1. Files

  2. Strengthener

  3. Clippers

  4. Polish remover

  5. Polishes

  6. Glue on nails

  7. Cotton balls

In the morning when I'm having coffee I remove all my polishes. I start my spa day with a bath. Unless its the week I dye and trim my hair. On that week I trim, apply dye, and shower after to rinse, I always skip a hair treatment on this week to let the dye set. after my bath, I set up my foot spa. I use epsom and vinegar in mine. I apply my hair treatment and then do my foot bath. I have a pore sucker I use and pluck my eyebrows during my 30-minute foot bath. I scrub my feet with body scrub again file, buffer, and clip my toenails. Rinse, dry, and apply lotions. I put on socks to set the lotion. Empty foot spa and put away. I apply my face treatment about 10 minutes is the time frame for a mask or peel. Rinse hair and remove the mask. Apply witch hazel to face and a moisturizer. Lotion body and spray with body spray. Dress for the day. Do nails. My nails are pretty long naturally so I just strengthen and paint mine. The best thing is almost everything can be found at the Dollar Tree to keep this a budget-friendly day of relaxing!

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