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5 Educational Channels on Youtube for Toddlers.

Kids love YouTube. Shay does but sometimes she will watch the same thing over and over .

I swear I heard baby shark in my brain nonstop when I would go to sleep at night. I spent a little time finding some channels to encourage speech development and give us variety . These are great channel picks for toddlers but work amazing for Shay for her development need.

Story bots

Is on Netflix but we stream it on the YouTube channel. Cute little robots that sing songs on all kinds of educational topics from dinosaurs to parts of the body. The Netflix version would appeal more to an older audience of children. Link is updated to merge with netflix

Super Simple Learning Channels

This channel is great to teach and encourage speech. It actually has many channels . We most often watch the super simple ABC's. Shay's Teacher at school uses this channel also in her development class. So that is a plus, it's Teacher approved. It covers ABC's and how to sound them out. Colors and shapes.

Songs For Littles

I love this channel. The host Racheal does an amazing job working on speech therapy and growth. I have Shay watch it often because it gives her more speech therapy right from our living room. Fun topics and songs. Lots of toy play . I just can't recommend this channel enough . It is wonderful

The Singing Walrus

This has a great line up of unique learning songs that you haven't heard on all the other kid channels. Covers a broad range of educational topics in little songs .

The Mother Goose Club

Costumed characters teaching manners and sharing all within a nursery rhyme theme . This is a great pick for learning social skills with a fun little story line. They also have an animated version and a kindle app that is super easy for toddlers to use . Just love it.

The best part about all of these channels and subscribing is you don't have to worry about anything scary or wrong popping on while you are cleaning another room. These are all safe viewing content for littles.

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